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bird knives

Bird & Rabbit Knives

Anza Knives This is just one of the many knives.

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Anza Knives Hand made knives
camping knives

Camping Knives

Anza Camping Knives These knives are made to last.

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camping knives Hand Made knives
fillet knives

Fillet Knives

Anza Fillet Knives These knives are the perfect knives.

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Fillet knives Hand Made Fillet Knives
Military knives

Military Knives

The Bodington military See our wide selection of military knives online.

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Anza Knives Military Knives Hand Made Knives
Welcome to Anza Knives.
Since we started making knives in 1980, Anza Knives has been committed to providing top handmade affordable knives for sportsman and collectors. Our knives are so sharp and hold an edge they have become favorite among guides, outfitters, hunters, backpackers, fishermen as well as a utility knife by the "workingman". Anza Knives are handmade, each one different in its own way. This is one reason Anza Knives are so very popular among collectors.

Built for the Collector, Priced for the Sportsman, Used by the Workingman.